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Founded in 2004, Vektörel Group, Individual Training, Corporate Training, Distance Education and Information Technology Consulting offers services. Vektörel Informatics has the capacity to provide 91 students training at the same time; 5 fully equipped and smart boards featured labs, "Distance Education" room, 19 different computerized educational options and Ministry with the certified certificate diversity is one of the largest computer training centers in Ankara. In particular, the design and both individual and corporate training in the software field Vektörel Informatics 2004 that gave more than 70 thousand graduates since. This eğitimer complements Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, were awarded certificates from organizations such as Google. In addition to the corporate institution for advanced training as software production and specialized personnel in areas with seasonal and long-term counseling is developing special projects and applications. In particular, gives professional advice in projects carried out in cooperation with the Ankara-Centered Public Institutions.
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